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April 2, 2012

Last Friday, all Facebook Pages were upgraded to Timeline. In anticipation of this upgrade, we’ve been working hard on an updated version of our Facebook app to better showcase your job postings.  I’m excited to announce that the update to our app is now complete. Here are some of the highlights:

More Real Estate for Your Jobs

One of the biggest benefits of the new Timeline design is that apps installed on your Facebook Page get a lot more real estate.  This allowed us to rethink how jobs should be listed and displayed. We hope that this new design will make it easier for your candidates to filter and apply to jobs that are most suited to them.

Job on Facebook Page

Improved Job Application Experience

One of the use cases that we wanted to support was the ability for a candidate to review a job description while applying to a job. We often recommend to candidates that they should customize their application to reflect the requirements in the job description, so to make this easier, we’ve added a “Show Job Details” button on the application form. When clicked, this button will reveal the job description beside the application form.

Application Form

Direct Link to Job

We previously supported Facebook’s native ability to share job postings by “Liking” or “Sending” jobs to friends, but it was never easy for users to share jobs on their own.  To address this problem, each job posting now comes with a “Link to this Job” button. When clicked, a shortened URL will be revealed. This URL will direct desktop users back to the job posting on your Facebook Page, while mobile and tablet users will be directed to a mobile optimized version of your job posting.

Direct Link to Job

Back Button Support

During our many usability tests over the last few months, we often saw our users click the browser back button only for it not to work as expected. I’m pleased to say that we now fully support the browser back button inside of our Facebook Page app.  In modern browsers, you will even see the panels slide in and out of the page when you click the back button, just as it does when you navigate from job to job.

We hope that these changes improve the job application experience for your potential candidates. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment here or post on our Facebook Page.